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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  April 11, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> the change is on the long before a hemi engine powered a ram truck.. it was born up here. tested down here. and proven beyond a doubt, out here. and is only available in a pickup, under here. the ram 5 year 100,000 mile warranty covers you everywhere. ram. breaking news from the district tonight. the mayor are arrested during a spending showdown. the late breaking details on the arrest his release, and the state of the district during the financial fallout. >> i need some answers.
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>> parents shocked after a local teacher is caught with a child's intimate belongings. now, word that the school principal resigns. >> i have my jacket on, and now i need to take my jacket off. >> enjoy it while you can. spring fever might turn into severe weather overnight. >> we begin tonight with breaking news from the district. d.c. mayor vincent gray is still in police custody at this hour. he was arrested late this afternoon during a protest on budget restrictions. capitol police officers arrested mayor gray and 40 others as well. >> that were processing the limits placed on the district as the federal government tackles a budget battle.
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>> the mayor, six members of the d.c. council, and the rest of the 41 people who were arrested earlier tonight are still being held in the facility behind me. it is the capitol police vehicle maintenance division facility. they will eventually be loaded on that bus and taken to capitol police headquarters, but for now, the mayor is still in police custody tonight. >> mayor gray, eight words for your constituents? >> d.c. mayor vincent gray is loaded into the back of of that wagon. they found themselves in handcuffs after blocking constitution avenue, trying to send a message to congress. >> we deserve democracy in the district of columbia and we will stand here to make the point. >> we have to stand up.
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>> the mayor and council members are among 41 people the capitol police arrested during a protest over d.c. voting rights and frustration over the 2011 federal budget that nearly forced the district government to shut down, and the compromise that includes the c specific riders. >> is so exciting that everyone is out here fighting for d.c. democracy making our voices heard. >> at this point we are waiting for the so-called dc 41 to be loaded on that white bus there. we just saw the mayor's driver get into the mayor's suv. from there they will be taken to a different capitol police facility where we understand they still have some processing to go through. there will be cited for unlawful assembly. it is a $50 fine, and we are hearing some of the people who were arrested plan to pay $51 as
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a protest over d.c. right. >> president obama plans to talk about his plan for the national deficit on wednesday. he has chosen george washington university as his backdrop. there is no word on what his speech will include. the white house press secretary would only say the president is committed to reducing the deficit and working with congress. the fallout from the budget battle is far from over. stay with us for the latest developments and the district, capitol hill, and beyond. spring is in the air tonight. the temperatures we have had have been bringing everybody outside. >> things could be changing however. a lot of folks to the advantage of the warm weather well into the evening. >> absolutely. this was one of those days and nights in the district,
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maryland, and virginia, where you were either enjoying the weather outside or you were grumbling about not being able to enjoy the weather outside. >> a perfect time for her to get out. >> near-record temperatures made early april feel like august in the d.c. region monday. >> it was long needed and well- deserved. >> runners bikers, picnickers, and picture takers. >> winter has been brutal. >> it is about time. we are ready. >> it is gorgeous. >> the red ones and the white ones are beautiful. >> it is nice to get out and walk around and not have a sweater on. it is absolutely beautiful. >> a spring day to savor, and a hopeful sign that winter is finally gone.
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>> we are hoping for many more days like this. goodbye winter. >> as you will soon find out, a system heading our way is bearing down on us and could generate less than idyllic winter can do it -- weather conditions tomorrow. >> some wet weather is on the way for tomorrow. bob ryan is in the weather center with more on what to expect. >> i better say there is wet weather on the way. earlier it looked like there was a chance of some severe weather tomorrow morning but i think that has diminished. look at what the records were. we did not set a record here in washington but there was a record at baltimore's thurgood marshall. 85 degrees. we had to settle for june around us. right now on doppler our temperatures are still in the 70's. looking out for the west, there
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is some nasty weather and numerous reports of wind damage. a lot of that will diminish in intensity as it comes our way over night. i don't think we will be seeing those strong storms tonight but will see some cool rain come our way. >> the rest of the fourth grade teacher on child pornography charges have shocked and frightened and alexandria community. >> we are learning that the principal at that school has resigned. parents met with officials tonight to get some answers. >> first a teacher from john adams was arrested last week. then we learn that the principle resigned. a lot of parents showed up at the school tonight to ask what is going on. >> a look of concern and worry on the faces of parents. many wonder how a man allegedly
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a obsessed with child pornography could become a fourth grade teacher. >> i called the school and she said she cannot answer if mike schaub has had any contact with that teacher. >> -- if my child has had any contact with that teacher. >> i was just in shock and just could not wait to get home and talk to him and see if anything happened. >> charging documents paint a picture of a teacher obsessed with little girls. coleman allegedly had zero little girls pink panties in his pocket when arrested. >> we just need them to do a better check on what they are bringing in to work with our children. >>: allegedly downloaded sexual images of girls aged 5 to 12. the question on a lot of parents' minds, who are those children? >> how many more?
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>> investigators say there was no evidence that coleman had sexual contact with any of his students. meanwhile, the superintendent addressed the resignation of the john adams principal just last week. >> the issues are not at all related. >> the superintendent is very adamant that there is no correlation between the rest of justin coleman and the resignation of the principle here at this school. we understand that investigators are focusing on coleman's falls church neighborhood, trying to find out if you may have had any contact with children in that community. as we told you before, mayor vincent gray of the district was arrested along with several other officials and members of the d.c. city council. chris has more on the state of the mayor's arrest and where he is tonight. >> you can see the crown has grown here. people are holding up signs.
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the capitol police have begun loading the 41 people, including the mayor onto this bus. they will now be transported the capitol police headquarters for further processing, after being held for more than five hours. they are still in handcuffs, and you can see members of their staff as well as supporters have been out here now almost that entire five hours cheering them as they are being loaded into this bus. very soon now they will be transported over the capitol police headquarters for process reprocessing. -- to police headquarters for processing. >> a child is recovering after being shot -- shot by a wire at that zoo. the job was taken to hospital as a precaution and is expected to be just fine. we are following a
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developing story from prince george's county where a home invasion turned into a police involved shooting. police say an off-duty federal officer lived in the home. they say a neighbor alerted the female officer that two suspects were inside. as the officer approached her home the suspects fled, and the officer exchanged gunfire with one of the suspects. no one was injured but police are questioning two persons of interest in the case. testimony wrapped up just a while ago at a preliminary hearing for george huguely accused of killing his ex- girlfriend, yeardley love. family and friends of huguely and lover in the courtroom. the case will go to the grand jury next week. >> today the man accused of an elaborate plot pleaded guilty to planning to blow up for metro stations. farooque ahmed is a naturalized citizen who apologized for his
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actions after he reached a deal with prosecutors. a woman whose house was condemned after dozens of dead cats for found inside has turned herself in to police. she faces multiple charges including animal cruelty. last week, officers found nearly 30 dead cats in her heart and home. they say she left her home run the christmas holidays and never returned. a major construction project will get underway starting at 5:30 a.m. up to to westbound lanes of constitution avenue will be shut down. crews will be replacing old traffic signals sidewalks, and sewer lines. eventually construction will continue around the clock every day, including the weekends. coming up $4.19 a gallon,
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that is ridiculous. >> brace yourself, that could soon be the cost of a gallon of gas. gas prices soar across the nation. >> a former metro order the --
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>> you are watching abc7 news at 11 on your side. >> the ntsb says a metro train operator could derail the train last year had just finished trading at the time of the accident. documents indicate she had just returned from a nine-year medical leave. three people were slightly injured in the derailment. she testified she had not operated a train through an underground track like the one where the derailment occurred since our return from medical leave. the condition of a well- known d.c. firefighter remains critical. he suffered burns on 40% of his body. two other firefighters are in
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good condition. one was treated and released and another was treated and released to the night of the fire. a painful look at the rising gas prices. according to aaa drivers in the dietrich -- in the d.c. metropolitan area are paying an average of $3.91 for a gallon of gas. in virginia, the averages about $3.68 un and in maryland it is $3.26. the rising prices have forced a change in a lot of people driving habits. for five weeks in a row drivers across the country have bought less gas than they did this time a year ago. 5 local elementary schools have been invited to the white house easter egg roll. that will be taking part in the annual spring event. the schools are being recognized by the white house for their academic achievements. this year's theme, get up and go, but promotes health and
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wellness. >> it would have been a hot one out there today. they would have had a hard boiled eggs. outside today it was beautiful with all the tool looks out. -- with all the tulips out. the threat of any severe weather has decreased for tomorrow morning. our temperature right now outside is 73 degrees. look at the temperatures around east today. down to the cell it was a record in savannah, ga., where it was 90 degrees. -- down to the south. there is some of the cool stuff coming our way once again. as we have seen so many times, a big wave in the atmosphere and
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associated with it is an area of low pressure. that is what will be coming over us. tomorrow afternoon, and as a result the nasty storms are more to our south. the tornado watches out until 3:00 in the morning. that line is heading into georgia, but earlier there were some storms out into the western -- into west virginia. now they have really dissipated. overnight tonight cloudy skies coming in. for tomorrow morning's rush- hour, there may be some showers will to the west out into the shenandoah valley. during the middle part of the day, that is when we will be seeing our own showers and possibly some thundershowers too. that is tomorrow afternoon, then it begins to move off. we will be left with some cloudiness and dampness. when you get up and head out tomorrow it will still be in the six depots, and we will see some of those scattered showers
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into the middle part of the day. but this time tomorrow, temperatures will really begin falling and on wednesday it will only be in the low 60's. today we have a posting on those nighttime tornadoes and also some of that wild weather over the weekend out to the west. but none of that tomorrow morning, just cloudy. we have more ahead on abc7 news at 11:00 pick it is their last public appearance before the big day, so what did this famous couple do? we'll take a look, just ahea [ man
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you got a weather balloon with points? yes, i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives youou more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can he you write it. excl obama's former social secretary tells all tonight on nightline. it begins here in just 11 minutes. >> prince william and kate
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middleton made their last public appearance before their wedding today. the couple arrived at a school where william presented an award. later, william and kate visited the park. we'll have live coverage from london the week of the wedding. we'll have everything from the fashion to the guests and the royal traditions. >> i know you just cannot wait for that. i am really looking forward to it. i will be up early to watch every bit of it. [laughter] changing channels very quickly to the capitals. you are up for wednesday night's game with the rangers. the wizards take the celtics into overtime. i will show you how things turned out, all coming up next [musng
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and lean cuisine entrees just 5 for $10. i pay for my groceries and i look at the bottom of the receipt, i'm like "yes! i did it!" that works for me. more savings every time you shop, with your giant card. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers, moving you forward. >> the wizards play their final home game of the season tonight. the game gave everyone a glimpse into the future. let me take you back downtown. we will pick it up with eight seconds left in regulation. crawford finds the baseline and
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gets a little freedom and puts up the jumper. the wizards tie the game at 84 and send it into the extra period. john wall leading the attack. the wizards beat the celtics 95-94. boston lost tonight meeting miami takes the no. 2 spot for the east behind chicago. the celtics are now third. with the nfl -- nhl playoffs set to begin there is a two million-dollar extension. i spoke with bruce earlier tonight and he says it will mean so much to the capitals on and off the ice. they were back on the ice this morning, and as they gear up for the game, mike green is back 100%. although the rangers wrapped up
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the capitals this season, bruce is looking forward to the series. >> it should be like two warriors babbling. that is what makes the stanley cup playoffs so special. both teams will give it everything they have got, and somebody is going to win. >> the nationals have won three of their last four games. the game tomorrow with the phillies will have everyone buzzing. ryan zimmerman missed yesterday's game and will be placed on the 15-day disabled list with a strained abdominal. a lot of the credit is being given to tiger woods. tiger is already in china putting on a classic -- putting on a clinic sponsored by nike. he arrived there this afternoon. he was mentioned by the cbs announcers' 105 times which earned him $3.9 million from nike. charl schwartzel was mentioned
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only 90 times, and he won the masters. carl lewis has made an eye opening announcement. he is going to run again, this time for the senate seat in new jersey. he says he will try to motivate communities to come together and have them improve their educational opportunities. carl lewis, trying to make a difference.
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>> there is nothing coming our way on the radar. by afternoon, there will be some showers. 77 right now, and by tomorrow afternoon, temperatures will be into the thick deposit. on wednesday, back to the dry
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weather -- temperatures will be in the 50's. >> nig
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long before a hemi engine powered a ram truck.(( it was born up here. tested down here. and proven beyond a doubt, out here. and is only available in a pickup, under here. the ram 5 year 100,000 mile warranty covers you everywhere. ram.


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